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cairn {poetry}

when you return
wizened : aged and withered
no longer an internal exile to yourself
along the jagged edges of the storied spiral

the cairn : stoney tears of
polished restoration
so carefully constructed

remain a
living mystery
between earth, and sky; fire and water

the points of balance
In. Being. Flawed. & Perfect.



cairn : points of balance

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The Armoire

Time moves her into a gathering
As if summoned,
her fingers grip brown paper bags,
surprised of how many need reclaiming
of the shame and self-betrayals
Her eyes glance upon an armoire,
elegant and ancient
crowded with his darkly crafted façades of finely woven cloaks
buttoned to conceal the tiny scars of torn skin,
the tears of his skin barely contained
Behind the cherished wood,
the forlorn brown paper bags of his own shame, and betrayals
In leaving, she knows
He had never truly arrived wholly
uncloaked and naked


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Dancing Doors {poetry}

Painting time with small gestures,
magnolia leaves fall

through dancing doors


Tucked away within the language of Spirit

we will not name it

Tonight’s my night to howl
adjacent possible

its final lesson
on the edge of somewhere

waiting within possibility


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Give Yourself a Break {a meditation}

  • Rising Awareness • Presence
  • Acceptance • Allowing What Is
  • Opening to Something Bigger…Deeper…Expansive
  • Loving Awareness • Pausing • What’s My Best Intention 
  • Living with Joy and Well-Being  • Forgiveness and Letting go
  • Giving Myself a Break • Holding the Self in My Heart
  • My Innate Birthright • Turning the Self to What is Good…Whole
  • Choose to Refocus on My Body Presence • Breath • Notice
  • Let the Awareness Look at the Experience of Thought
  • Awareness: I Am Not My Thoughts  • There is a Voice of Deeper Awareness
  • When I Am Vulnerable, I Surrender to What Is 
  • An Anchor for Presence • This Can Be My Life
  • Be the Awareness • Listen!


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Coming into Focus: Living in a World of Color

In the animal world, it indicates danger: the most colorful creatures are often the most poisonous.

Color is also a way to attract, and seduce a mate.

In the human world color, triggers many
more complex, and often deadly reactions.

Judith Ortiz Cofer, The Story of My Body Minding the Body

Open Invitation

There’s been a breach in our humanity. The breach is continuous, violent and specific. The bleed is rattling the cage of race, racism and rage. The confines of denial, and being denied have become places of suffocation. We have stayed here long enough. We are battle fatigued, and need to break free.

This is the invitation, dear reader: to update your capacity to hold the necessary shifts in the world, bringing yourself into this evolving reality. This is an invitation for your participation. You are needed.

Equanimity requires the majority of people, from diverse backgrounds, to usher in change. Justice, its very flesh and bone, needs healing.

We all must be free.

Living Lineage

To live in a world of color is strangely radical. Race, ethnicity, and culture challenge. Period. When seen through a lens focusing on race and color, the multifaceted spectrum of a Person of Color/POC/, and their identity get lost. The perspective is eschewed. It’s a false image.

As a POC*, belonging to varied ethnic and cultural identities. My lived experience is outside the norm, and in-between cultural layers of race. I am considered an outlier. A specific, or singular racial identity has not existed within my family for generations. My ancestry is one of inclusion, retaining the global oceanic voyages of Diaspora, from Iberian, African, and Asian coastlines. This DNA is the integration of migratory patterns, held in culture, language and family. They continue to shape me. My participation in the struggle for change is deeply personal. My grief is bearing witness.

*A note on the descriptor, person of color/POC/. This term identifies, yet separates people of ethnicity and race. The label is both inclusive, and divisive. I’m aware the label is one of a convenience, complicated, and flawed. I respect your right to self identify.

Perceived Reality

All ethnic identities are living evolving systems. Since race matters, it’s demanding a more conscious revolutionary engagement. Who are we becoming?

James Baldwin said, “It’s up to you. As long as you think you’re white, there is no hope for you. As long as you think you’re white, I’m going to be forced to think I’m black.”

Making assumptions of race and color is limiting. In fact, it’s dangerous. When being ‘an other’ is to be eliminated. Systemic power structures, built in every aspect of life, fuel the elimination, and execution of the vulnerable. What would you call that?  Racism is not about race. It’s about power. Racism is lack of consciousness, curiosity, and empathy. It’s about fear. Fighting these strong currents of racism is being thrown into the rapids, then being torn asunder by crocodiles below.

There is a vulnerability in being a person of color. A voiceless-ness has pervaded, like a cloak of invisibility. It creates blindness for the one who cloaks the vulnerable: “I cannot, and will not see you.”  And, the blindness is extended to the one who is cloaked: “I cannot see.”

We are all susceptible to limited points of view when it comes to the most vulnerable, the most oppressed, the most invisible. This is when our sensitivity, and action are most needed.

Stepping Stones

We are moving into the answers individually, then collectively. Initially, the clarion call for transformation is refused. Each of us has to want to change, to have an awakened heart, and mind, inviting lasting conscious change.

So, what’s attainable now? To dismantle racism is an intentional practice of following your awakened heart to be inclusive. Rather than to tolerate, or even to accept, holding this intention of inclusion is an uncomfortable stretch. Inclusion is an invitation, and the whole complements. This is one way we can be accountable, to grow a capacity for broader connection.

Here are some reminders:

We are the solutions to what is going on in the world. Facing the Monsters of Fear, we see past our own lens of fear. What is reflected is the true depth of a person’s humanity, and we can be seen more clearly. We have the opportunity to see one another more brilliantly.

  • What is one step can I take now?
  • Am I aware of my biases, by-passing and denial?
  • How can my privilege serve?
  • How can my anger transform?
  • How do I have difficult conversations?
  • How do I practice self-care if I’m overwhelmed?

Anointing the traumatic wounds of racism is also a turning away from, in order to tune into yourself. Healing is a personal process  of conscious conversation, and engagement in a world of color, in its full spectrum and complexity. Take what you learn, know it into action, and transform. You have more influence than you realize. These immediate responses are the sacred offerings to soften the jagged edges of being in the world, and living with compassion.

Waking Dream

We can feel the rhythmic pulsing heartbeat of freedom, making our way through the many crossroads of truth, and justice.

Remember as you walk freely from village to village, in this place we call our world:

Our complexity and layered identities are our shared humanity.

Be fearless.

Change the paradigm.
Define yourself.

When we see ignorance, and trembling in ourselves, know it to be fear, cloaking our true humanity.

When we see ignorance,
and trembling in others,
join the cause to be free, and noble.

Know ourselves enough to set the cage on fire.
The time is now to fly.


We’re in it together  Image: Elif Sanem Karakoç



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You’re a Super Hero {a reminder}

“Your Audacious Authenticity”

Authenticity is rebellion: the bold expressions of being emotionally excruciatingly awkwardly honest, and taking right action. It’s rediscovering your quirky connection to being fully alive. To fully embody yourself is a rite of passage, marked by venturing further into knowing and trusting who you are. At the helm stands a super hero, unmasked and true, replacing falsehoods and misfortunes with meaningful purpose.

This expanded sense of self brings in audacious transitions of honest experience, inviting radical inclusion, and a redefinition in embracing authenticity. The outlines of your former self adopts an updated version of who you are, a spiritual warrior.

Imagine being your inner super hero, your authentic self, imbued with saving the planet, and all of its inhabitants.


Astro Boy / Atom Boy by creator  Osamu Tezuka

Osamu Tezuka 手塚 治虫


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Whale Bone Warriors {poetry}

a child of Iberian seas

skin bonded in
creole hues
Mother Africa & the Atlantic

coastal blood & bodies


these remembered ancestors

their histories & untold stories
cellularly bonded
in volcanic fire

rising from the ashes

these island souls
of whale bone warriors

eyes rising out of the shadows
bodies released into wholeness

Bu cre dança ku mi?

we are free & undefinable

Photo by Gary Scruggs, Jr.

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A Poet’s Dream {a creative antidote}

Voicing the Wisdom Within

a sense of the sacred emerges

through conscious intentional creativity

in times of great emotion and inspiration.

All around us

people explore creative embodiment through

movement, voice, and language.

It is our imagination, our spirit,

matching the dancer’s, singer’s, and 

poet’s dream.

We move because they move.

We are left with wonder for the richness

of self expression, the creative choices that are available, and endless possibilities

as the exploration of life, and healing



Fiery Life Force Magic


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Going and Being Gluten-Free

If you’ve been considering going gluten-free for its possible health benefits, despite some of the controversy, the following perspective is a little about the psychological process of inviting conscious change. When something inside of you is showing you to try something different, to explore the possibilities, allow it to be is a gradual process, and lifestyle change. It takes experimentation, willingness, and patience.
Change  Takes Lots of Time and Practice

Winter Solstice 2012, I feel a surprising sense of physical ease. As an intentional experiment, I’ve been eliminating my traditional breakfast of toast, and other gluten foods for about two weeks. I switch to a more nutritional protein, and plant based breakfast. Quinoa, sunflower and pumpkin seeds become some main staples, as I ease out oatmeal. I figure out which morning protein powder works for me, which turns out to be hemp. My cup of coffee becomes fortified as a protein shake. I enjoy what I eat, and learn along the way.

It takes time for my clarity to focus, before I go completely gluten-free. I have to experience surprising results, directly and consistently.

I continue to make adjustments, understanding as I experience a series of auto-corrective health benefits, I grow more committed. I don’t miss the freedom of eating gluten. I value freedom of ease more.

It’s All a Part of the Healing Journey
Any new discovery requires trial and error. It’s a physical journey, as well as an emotional one. Mindfulness helps. All this means is being self aware of your here-and-now thinking, feeling and doing. Breathing helps, too. Breathe with intention, deeply and naturally, inviting more awareness of your body: what’s going on inside, and around you. Self awareness leads to opportunities of conscious change.

You can find your unique way into what feels right for you. You may also, in a sudden moment of clarity, based on your specific experiences of feeling better, decide to go completely gluten-free. Your lifestyle and perspective change, based on your direct experience. You value, and experience your health and yourself, differently, realizing your health matters.

Quick and Dirty List of Things to Consider

If you’re considering alternatives in creating your magical healing formula, here are some thoughts, if  you miss gluten:

  1. Yes, you may miss pizza, pasta and pork buns. Explore other wondrous options.
  2. Yes, you may have to tell everyone in ear shot, you’re gluten-free. Be okay with your self care.
  3. Yes, you may have to carry food with you at all times, just in case. Find something delicious, and enjoy.
  4. You may be tempted to share dessert with friends. Challenge the status quo.
  5. You may be in unfamiliar places, traveling. Do your best and trust yourself.
I hope you create your own quick and dirty lists of helpful hints. Wishing you wellness!

Seaweed Heirloom-Tomato Salad

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I am an Atlas {poetry}

I am a revolution pushing against stones within many rivers

Living between earth, and sky; fire and water

I am connective tissue stepping out into sovereign mystery refusing to be named

Skin to Soul

I am the beating heart
in full measure

lacing in shadow and light

I am this heavy footprint
into the language of the

gradient atlas of the spine

Pushing against the stones

I am the faithful witness